Julia Lehnbeuter

Why do YOU work here at Cushman & Wakefield and not somewhere else?
Cushman & Wakefield is constantly changing, and has forced me to be able to adapt quickly in order to meet the company’s expectations, which is important. I thrive off of change, and I think it helps a person grow. C&W has provided this opportunity for me. I have also had exposure to so many parts of the business because of all of the changes going on in the past few years, which has really given me a well-rounded view of what it takes to make this company successful.
What solution, achievement or moment are you most proud of while either working at Cushman & Wakefield, or in your personal life?
With the company that is continuously evolving and going through many changes, I try to help wherever I can. Because I have had so much exposure to not only the business, but our various systems and support teams, I am able to provide guidance and build relationships that I may not have had otherwise.

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