Raul Esparza

With the world constantly changing, how has your job, or client’s job changed over the past 10 years?
Over the past ten years, client needs have evolved to a point where the use of interrelated intelligence derived from both people and technology has become vital to delivering value across all real estate service disciplines. There truly has been a shift in the perception of how CRE and CRE partners can be a tool that is used in the delivery of a comprehensive experience within the workplace that renders efficiencies in productivity.
C&W has one of the most interesting growth stories in our industry. How has our recent momentum made an impact on your role or created opportunities for you?
Over the past couple of years, C&W has indeed created inspirational momentum within our industry. That momentum has sparked a need for greater stewardship, and thought leadership as we solution complicated challenges on behalf of our expanding client base.  It is that growth driven need that gave me the opportunity to relocate for the 3rd time in the last seven years to the Tri-State region and into my role as the service line lead for our GOS IFM business.  I consider myself very fortunate to have been in a position to move into a role that will contribute to shaping the future of our GOS business in the world’s largest market for the iconic Cushman & Wakefield organization.


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