Wanda Riley

Why do YOU work here at Cushman & Wakefield and not somewhere else?
Cushman & Wakefield has been wonderful to me, and has provided me with incredible opportunities and experiences. C&W has a culture of rewarding those who want to grow their career. I was proactive, and started getting involved with initiatives, forming relationships in the firm and learning as much as I could. As a result, the company has rewarded me with advancement and recognition. All in all, C&W has a supportive culture that encourages folks to take a chance and step up to new opportunities.
C&W has one of the most interesting growth stories in our industry. How has our recent momentum made an impact on your role or created opportunities for you?
For me, the last 2 years at C&W have been nothing like the previous 15 years. It’s a wild rollercoaster every day; you’ve got to get in and buckle up. It’s been a fun and exciting ride for me each and every day. The explosive growth over the last few years has provided a lot of development opportunities for myself and many others here in Florida. I love it!


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