Maureen Kelly Cooper

Tell us a little about your story. How did you come to C&W? What do you do?
I started in the NYC office of C&W in 2006; I had been working in Dallas at the Staubach Company for 8 years, and was looking for both a professional challenge and personal change. There was a position available in the Manhattan headquarters that needed someone with my specialty. I interviewed and got the position. My specialty is representing occupiers of space, and advising these clients on how to best structure a transaction to maximize the benefit to tax, cash and their financial statements position. We do that via looking at a company’s credit and arbitrage the capital markets and the real estate market via executions such as sale leasebacks, synthetic leases, and other creative solutions.
Why do YOU work here at Cushman & Wakefield and not somewhere else?
Cushman & Wakefield’s brand name carries a lot of weight in this industry, and specializations matter in a big firm like this. In a smaller firm, the same person might be your build to suit expert, your data center expert and a tenant rep expert. In a firm such as C&W, you have subject matter experts who can help you with an array of issues.


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