Stevannie Sierra

C&W has one of the most interesting growth stories in our industry. How has our recent momentum made an impact on your role or created opportunities for you?
I have gained invaluable experience as we worked to harmonize our practices and systems following our recent mergers and acquisitions. The rapid growth and change has challenged me, and has made me a stronger professional, allowing me to quickly advance from an HR Intern to a Generalist in only a few years.
What solution, achievement or moment are you most proud of while either working at Cushman & Wakefield, or in your personal life?
In 2015, I was pregnant, taking grad school courses at night and successfully led the HR onboarding and integration efforts of the Massey Knakal acquisition. I am proud to have been a part of the monumental changes of C&W, and grateful to work for a company that has helped me attain my personal goals.

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